Learn The History Of Burger King

We all loved eating hamburgers from Burger King at least once in our life but did you ever stopped to ask yourself how did the history of Burger King came to be? With McDonald becoming more and more popular at the time how did Burger King became a reality that is also so successful today? Well thanks to the owner's extensive knowledge of restaurant businesses he was able to take a share in the fast food business that made Burger King so popular today. One of the best franchises out there you'll be surprised at it is not run by many big enterprises.

This great fast food franchise was founded in 1954 by James Mclamore and his partner David Edgerton who are basically two very successful businessman in the fast food industry. Actually it's because they had the knowledge of how to run restaurants successfully that they were able to make a great history of Burger King. The first outlet was created in Miami, Florida and at that time the restaurant we all know today was not called Burger King. It was called Insta Burger King because they wanted to emphasize the fact that their food was done instantly so they could eat on the go.

Today, the history of Burger King has created over 11,000 restaurants in over 65 different countries across the world which means there is a very good chance for you to find this restaurant and taste their juicy hamburgers. Just so you have an idea, this fast food corporation's revenue from 2006 was around 2.4 billion US dollars which means that's a lot of money. They also hired over 340,000 employees across 65 different countries so they are very sensitive to creating jobs in many different countries. Although they are not as popular as McDonald, they have still been able to offer very great food.

A BK franchise is expensive and you'd be surprised that although it is expensive almost 90% of franchises are not run by major enterprises. In fact many of them are run by family businesses and independent owners. The history of Burger King shows that the founders wanted to create a warm feeling for the customers when they arrive in their restaurant and what better way of doing that than by handling the management over another family?

It has been a little bit over 50 years now since its first outlet in the corporation is still running very strong. With a new competitor it becomes even harder and harder to create your own franchise and there is absolutely no sign of BK slowing down.

Burger King Franchise